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I’ve Begun to Be Invited to Do Author School Visits

I just received an invitation to speak to a school’s Pre-K through third graders and their parents. It will be three groups for an hour each, Pre-K & K, 1st to 3rd grade, and then only parents. Each session will … Continue reading

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Big Help from a Little Friend

In my story VG and Me there is a scene where a big person is being helped out of a very thorny situation by a creature only about as tall as his nose. This is a sketch of the attempted … Continue reading

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Introducing Quinn C. Train the star of “The Train Who Loved Children”

Shortly after posting the complete story of “The Train Who Loved Children” I received the concept illustration of Quinn C. Train from the illustrator, Josh McGill. He is delightful to work with and magically transforms my stories from written words … Continue reading

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My Beloved (who is a teacher of young children) told me tonight that while she liked my two most recent stories “”Something REALLY, REALLY BIG” and “The Train Who Loved Children” they were too long and wordy for the attention … Continue reading

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I Admit I’m Addicted

It’s happened again. I tried to deny it. But in the harsh glare of the morning light I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I’d laid in bed for half the night in a semi-sleep/semi-conscious state thinking of characters and plots … Continue reading

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A Most Wonderful Feeling

If you are considering writing your own children’s book(s), if they are inside you and bursting to come out, I heartily recommend that you free them and share them with the world. For me, writing children’s books is a joyous … Continue reading

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Exciting news for Clye and Friends

A developer of children’s apps contacted me expressing interest in using the characters from my three books featuring Clyde and his friends. We worked out the details and the adventure for me and these characters is about to begin. I’m … Continue reading

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