Bonus Illustration, Additional Background for Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies

PurpleFox-P4-Rev1 PurpleFox-P10-Rev1-2 PurpleFox-P8-Rev1 PurpleFox-P7-Rev2

For the first time I have a co-writer for my latest children’s book titled Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies. To say the project has involved growing pains would be a gross understatement. After about two months of intense effort we’re finally beginning to gain some traction. It has certainly been a learning experience for all involved.

Christina Cartwright is the illustrator we just began using on this project and I’m very pleased with her work. This is the third book she is illustrating for me.

Josh Friedman is my co-writer. He’s a very enthusiastic and creative person who has written many songs, including some that featured a Purple Fox and some creatures called the Heebie Jeebies and wanted to see if the idea could be turned into a book. Josh asked our mutual friend Denis Loiseau for referrals and Denis sent him my way. You may recall that Denis was my first songwriting collaborator and inspired my initial writing efforts.

Josh and I have afferent operational and creative styles. We’re still attempting to find productive ways to work together. To put into perspective the two months this project has taken just to achieve a partial working storyboard for the first quarter of the book and the four illustrations you see, my normal turnaround time from the seed of an idea for a children’s book through to completion and release on is perhaps a month. I sometimes release two or three books in a month.

I wrote the first draft of the story in a day or two. From that point on Josh and I have struggled with every aspect of this book from choosing which illustrator to initially use, making a different decision on an illustrator after nearly two wasted months of dealing with the first one, then going back to the one that had initially been selected in the first place and asking her to do it after all, to doing many times the number of re-writes and drafts than I normally do, to requesting a storyboard from my normal storyboarder, then scrapping it, and having someone else create a storyboard, then scrapping it, then using the original story boarder’s format with revisions. We haven’t even gotten to the layout stage yet.

This was supposed to be less expensive per writer but it appears the costs could run to twice normal and it has been a huge time sink.

I just realized as I typed this that this is my thirteenth children’s book. I’m not normally superstitious, but…  ;-D!

Remember when I said I love to write and I love to be able to do what I love to do? I’m not loving this. I just want it to be done and behind me so I can move on to doing what I love. We’ve invested so much time and effort that it this point it would be foolish not to finish it, and besides, I believe we’ll be proud of how the book will turn out.

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With Love,


PurpleFox-P7-Rev2 PurpleFox-P8-Rev1 PurpleFox-P10-Rev1-2 PurpleFox-P4-Rev1

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