V. G. and Me

Below is my latest children’s book project. It is in final edit mode, and the illustrator and I will soon create the concept illustration.

With Love,


V. G. and Me

By Russ Towne

I walked toward a distant shore

I always wanted to explore.

When I was nearly halfway there,

I had a really scary scare.

When I watched a butterfly

Flutter by in the sky,

I tripped into a prickly bush

With thorns so sharp, they hurt my tush!

I wriggled and scriggled but got more stuck.

I was in trouble and had run out of luck.

I took a big breath and started to shout,

“Someone please come and help me get out!”

I yelled until I could yell no more;

My poor voice-box was really sore.

It hurt so much I could barely speak;

My shout became a tiny squeak.

Then I saw a little guy.

He proudly looked me in the eye

And said, “There’s no need to fear.

Help is here. I’ll get you clear.”

From the top of his head

To the tip of his toes

He was slightly less large

Than the size of my nose!

I said, “I’m too big and you’re too small;

It’s clear you have no chance at all.”

He said, “I’ll get you out, no need to worry.

You have the word of V. G. Mugurry.”

I sneered, “You’re no bigger than my ear!

I’ll be stuck forever and left right here.”

He replied, “You have nothing to lose to let me try.

“I have big ideas for a little guy.”

“Besides,” he said in his little voice,

“It seems to me you have no choice.

So why not just wait and see

If I’m able to set you free.”

“Okay,” I sighed to V. G. Mugurry,

“I’ll give you a chance, but please do hurry!

I’m tired of being in this bush;

These thorns are sharp and hurt my tush!”

He said, “I have friends who live quite near;

I’ll go there and bring them here.”

I asked V. G., “Are they short, too?

Are all your friends as small as you?”

He replied, “Yes, my friends are all quite small,

In fact, I’m the tallest one of all.

We may be tiny folks to you

But wait to see what we can do.”

Then he left and I began to doubt

If he’d come back and get me out.

He returned with a wagon

So full of stuff it was really saggin’.

He replied, “I came back alone

Because my friends were not at home.”

I said, “I hoped there would be more.

Now I’ll never get to the shore.”

V. G. replied, “I know I’m the only one

But I can still get the job done.

I may be way too tiny to you;

Just wait to see what I can do.

I’ll get you out, and not just try;

I have big ideas for a little guy.

I know this job is really tough

But I brought with me all kinds of stuff.

Wood, rope, nails, and a hammer, too.

I even brought a saw for you.

We’ll get you out, just wait and see.

It won’t be long before you’re free.”

V. G. was not the kind to shirk;

He grabbed his tools and went right to work.

V. G. lashed three ladders from rope and wood.

The knots he used were really good.

He leaned two ladders against the bush

And took great care to miss my tush.

Then, what did that little guy do?

He tied ladder three to the other two.

I didn’t understand his plan at all;

And, he was so small, I feared he’d fall.

Then he screwed on a winch

And lowered two ropes inch by inch.

He yelled, “Tie these together under your tush

We’ll soon have you out of that prickly bush.”

V. G. tied the rope to the winch

Then yanked a crank and it moved an inch

V. G. pushed with all his might,

But I was stuck mighty tight.

I feared the ladders would begin to break,

How much more stress could they take?

Then, very much to my surprise,

The ropes and I began to rise.

V. G. gave it all he had.

He was mighty strong for a tiny lad.

V. G. pulled me free and swung me around

Then lowered me to the ground.

“Thank you! Thank you,” I told V. G.

“You kept your word and rescued me.

Though I am big and very tall

And you are very, very small,

You were big enough to set me free.

You’ll always have a friend in me.

You did what you said you’d do

I never should have doubted you!

Will you walk with me to the shore?

We’ll talk and see things to explore.”

He said, “That sounds like lots of fun.

Yes, my friend, I’d love to come.”

The End

About russtowne

My wife and I have been married since 1979. We have 3 adult children and 4 young grandsons. I manage a wealth management firm I founded in 2003. My Beloved is a Special Education teacher for Kindergartners and First Graders. I'm a published author of 23 books in a variety of genres for grownups and children. In addition to my family, friends, investing, and writing, my passions include reading, watching classic movies, experiencing waves crashing on rocky shores, hiking in ancient redwood forests, and enjoying our small redwood grove and fern garden.
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